Initially, Salesforce served small to medium-sized enterprises, and many merchants, by providing customer relationship management software. However, CRM is still excellent for retailers, including brick-and-mortar stores and online outlets, both small and large-scale, even though the solution grew to serve the needs of a much wider business audience. There are a few reasons why Salesforce is the finest product for this industry. Still, the most crucial is that this CRM is extremely flexible and allows various add-ons and integrations specific to different markets.

Any legacy retail application can be connected to Salesforce, including accounting, order management, point-of-sale systems, etc. However, joining a legacy system with Salesforce might be difficult because it requires highly specialized knowledge and sophisticated coding abilities.

SMBs, which frequently lack a developer on staff and cannot afford the cost of hiring one for an integration project, are particularly affected by this. As a result, finding an existing app on AppExchange, Salesforce's marketplace for cloud applications, is frequently a more practical choice.

Furthermore, there are excellent pre-built solutions, some even free, created by qualified Salesforce app developers, so why recreate the wheel when they already exist? Based on our experience working with retail companies, AwsQuality combed through the most well-liked AppExchange applications for stores and shortlisted the best ones. Look them up!

CloudGento for Magento users

Cloud Conversion has created various Salesforce AppExchange App Development tailored for marketplaces and shopping carts, but CloudGento is likely the best. A sizable percentage of e-commerce companies favor the open-source Magento platform.

Businesses utilizing both solutions must ensure seamless information flow between Salesforce and Magento to drastically reduce the number of times retailers manually enter information about orders, items, customers, and shipping between the two systems. The CloudGento software fixes the issue, greatly streamlining customer service while giving Magento users access to advanced reporting and marketing tools.

The software also works with other Salesforce AppExchange Inventory Management programs created by the same developer, including eCommerce and ChannelAdvisor CRM Connector.

Enhance Salesforce

We wouldn't be us if we failed to bring up this particular software that offers Salesforce retail users a novel approach to interacting with customers and promoting product sales. Businesses may provide their customers the opportunity to experience their products using 3D AR (augmented reality) technology on mobile devices using the Augment for Salesforce AppExchange Development Company. Companies reduce client guesswork, increase customer happiness, and decrease the volume of support cases, claims, and refunds by giving customers a chance to test the product in a virtual setting.

ERP in the Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail Sectors

The software infrastructure of any retail company must include an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Furthermore, ERP gains even more strength when Salesforce is linked. Critical business procedures, including shipment, stock dispatching and receiving, accounting, supply chain management, inventory management, and much more, can be streamlined with the help of the ERP app created by Aqxolt. Additionally, the solution interacts with various programs retail firms use, including Twilio, multiple marketplaces, UPS, FedEx, and other shipping providers.

Integration of QuickBooks Desktop and Online for Salesforce

Many merchants, particularly small and medium-sized companies, select QuickBooks for bookkeeping and tax management. It's always a good idea to keep all of your company's documents in one location and avoid hopping between software programs. Retailers may sync information about invoices, orders, and payments with QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration, which also gives them access to sophisticated reporting tools.

AwsQuality offers Custom Salesforce App Development

These are just a few excellent eCommerce apps available on AppExchange; there are undoubtedly many more. Please feel free to contact AwsQuality an Salesforce AppExchange Vendor Management with your project idea if you cannot discover an existing product that meets your urgent demand. We have the necessary skills to handle the project, whether you need us to construct a unique reporting solution, create a custom retail app for Salesforce, or integrate your current retail software with Salesforce.